Sumac Wax Japanese Candles (Warōsoku)
3 sizes of sumac wax Japanese candles placed on various candle holders: (from left) No. 5 candle on a candle holder with handle, No. 1.5 candle on a round candle holder, mini candle on a square candle holder.
Close up of a wick and bottom of sumac wax Japanese candles.
Randomly lying 3 sizes of sumac wax Japanese candles: mini, No. 1.5 and No. 5.
A burning sumac wax Japanese candle.
A box of No. 1.5 sumac wax Japanese candles with a lid removed and placed by the side.
All 3 sizes of sumac wax japanese candles in boxes with lids removed and placed by the side: (clockwise from top right) mini, No. 1.5, No. 5.
A map of Japan showing the location of Okazaki where sumac wax Japanese candles are made.

Sumac Wax Japanese Candles (Warōsoku)

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Warōsoku are traditional Japanese candles made of 100% natural and plant-based materials. The wax derives from the nuts of sumac lacquer trees (haze) and the wicks are made of washi paper and the piths of rush plants. They burn without dripping or releasing soot and the tall flames sway gently on their own, creating a soothing and calming effect.

Warōsoku construction is unique and totally different from western candles. The wick materials are wrapped around long sticks and dipped in the melted wax repeatedly, thickening the candles one layer at a time. When the candles reach a desired thickness, the sticks are removed, leaving a hollow center. Japanese candleholders are designed with spikes to securely hold warōsoku. Watch the warōsoku-making process in the video below.

The candles are wrapped in washi paper and packaged in original Echizen washi boxes.


  • Haze wax from trees grown in Japan, washi paper, rush plant
  • Unscented
  • Mini Box: twelve 3” x ⅜” candles. Burn time is approximately 25 minutes
  • No. 1.5 Box: eight 4¼" x 7/16" candles. Burn time is approximately 45 minutes
  • No. 5 Box: three 6¼” x ⅝" candles. Burn time is approximately 110 minutes
  • Hand crafted in Japan

A Note about Wick Trimming and Candle Holders

When the flame becomes very tall and the burning wick grows over 1 inch, the wick needs to be trimmed. Cut the wick, leaving about half an inch. Do not over-trim, as the very short wick does not absorb enough wax and causes dripping.

We recommend placing warōsoku on candle holders that are designed specifically for them. Mini and No. 1.5 candles can use any of the candle holders we offer. No.5 candles should use our Cast Iron Candle Holder with Handle as it has a thicker spike.

Who Makes It 

Isobe Rōsoku Shop has been making warōsoku in Okazaki for more than 300 years. Mr. Isobe, whose candle making skill is beautifully captured in the video below, is dedicated to preserving the tradition of warōsoku production and to making the candles more accessible and usable in a modern lifestyle. 

 Copyright: Japan Science and Technology Agency