All 6 colors of renge ramen spoons: clockwise from top, black, blue brown white, pink and green.
3 stacked renge ramen spoons: (from top) blue, green brown.
Side and bottom views of renge ramen spoons: blue (back), brown (front).
A green renge ramen spoon held by hand.

Renge Ramen Spoon

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This boat-shaped, flat-bottomed spoon is called renge, meaning "lotus petal". This type of spoon is widely used in Asia. Renge are most commonly used in Japan as ramen spoons. 

The end of the handle is bent so that it rests on the edge of a ramen bowl. They are made in Mino, the largest ceramic producing region in Japan.


  • Ceramic
  • L 6⅜" x W 1⅞" x H 1¼"
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Mizuno Touki is a ceramic ware distributor based in Seto City, the center of the Seto ceramic producing region. The company markets well-designed, affordable and everyday ceramic ware and produces original goods as well.

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