All 6 styles of NJK pencil sharpener No. 531s: (top row from left) metallic blue, metallic silver clear box, (bottom row from left) metallic silver dark box, metallic red, gunmetal, metallic green.
NJK pencil sharpener No. 531s in package: front view of metallic blue (left bottom), back view of package (let top), side view of metallic red showing a replacement blade (right).
NJK pencil sharpener No. 531s looked from different angles: (from left) metallic red, gunmetal, metallic blue.
NJK pencil sharpener No. 531s looked from different angles: (from left) metallic sliver clear box, metallic green, metallic silver dark box.
2 pencils sharpened with different sharpeners: on the left is sharpened using No. 516 resulting a shorter nib, on the right is sharpened with No. 531s resulting in a longer nib.

NJK Pencil Sharpener No. 531s

Regular price $ 6.50

Your pencil will come out with a long, pointed nib and the shavings stay neatly inside the box with this sleek pencil sharpener. (You will see the difference in nib length between No. 531s and No. 516 in the last image.) The clean lines and chic colors make No. 531s a perfect accessory for your work space. It comes with a replacement blade.

Use with regular black lead pencils. For color and cosmetic pencils with soft centers, use No. 508 or No. 510c.

These sharpeners pack all the elements that define the best Japanese manufacturing practices: attention to detail, quality materials, superior design and functionality. 


  • 1⅛” x ⅞” x 1½” 
  • One replacement blade
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Founded in 1933, Nakajima JuKyudo of Osaka is the last remaining maker in Japan specializing in handheld pencil sharpeners. All the parts (blades, screws and plastic bodies) are made in-house and each blade is engraved with two words: Japan and NJK.