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Maneki Neko Figurine

$ 12.00


Product Details

These serious yet comical looking cat figurines are maneki neko (beckoning cat), which in Japan are believed to bring good luck to the owner. Maneki neko figurines are made throughout Japan, and different regions are known for their characteristic designs. Our maneki neko are made in Kounosu, located 30 miles northwest of Tokyo.

These cats are made of a mixture of kiri (paulownia) sawdust and gluten-based glue. The unique material was developed when Kounosu thrived as a manufacturing center for kiri furniture chests. Toy making was conceived as a way to upcycle the large amounts of sawdust produced during furniture making.


  • Kiri (paulownia) sawdust and gluten based glue
  • Large: 5"(H) x 3¼"(D) x 3"(W)
  • Medium: 3¼"(H) x 2¼"(D) x 2¼"(W)
  • Small: 2⅝"(H) x 1⅝"(D) x 1⅝"(W)
  • Each piece is handmade and measurements are approximate
  • Made in Japan

 Who Makes it

Tachiya has been handcrafting traditional Japanese dolls for over 150 years. 

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