A box of Forest Breeze - Kuromoji incense looked from above.
An inside view of Forest Breeze - Kuromoji incense when the box is opened. Green incense sticks and a paper wrapped incense holder are in the box on the left and the lid is on the right.
A stick of Forest Breeze - Kuromoji incense held with an enclosed incense holder over a pleated dish.

Forest Breeze - Kuromoji Incense

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Kuromoji is a tree in the camphor family that grows in the wild across Japan. The tree has a refreshing, peppery sweet scent and its essential oil has long been used in Japan for its medicinal properties.

Lighting the kuromoji incense imparts a scent reminiscent of a freshly broken off tree branch. The cool woodsy scent is invigorating yet relaxing, and is perfect for winding down after a busy day.


  • Box contains a brass incense holder and approx. 200 2⅜" sticks
  • Each stick burns approx. 15 minutes
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Minorien has been making incense for over 100 years and their products are used by some of the most prominent Buddhist temples in Japan.