Box of Byakudan Suzaku and sticks of incense it contains.
A stick of Byakudan Suzaku incense held with a black brass ball incense holder resting on a moss pleated dish with a box of Byakudan Suzaku lying in the front.

Byakudan Suzaku- Incense

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Byakudan Suzaku is a beautiful blend of Indian Mysore sandalwood and traditional natural spices. (Byakudan is sandalwood; Suzaku, or Vermilion Bird, is a Chinese mythical creature.)

The scent is warm sandalwood accented with a hint of spiciness; it is relaxing, calming, and perfect for meditation.


  • Box contains approximately 27 5⅜" sticks 
  • Each stick burns approx. 40 minutes
  • Ingredients: tabu no ki, charcoal powder, Indian Mysore sandalwood, cinnamon, borneol, lysimachia sikokiana, spikenard, benzoin and other spices
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Gyokushodō was founded in 1804 and manufactures high quality incense products both in traditional and modern scents.