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Bonsai Pot - Round

$ 12.00


Product Details

These colorful little pots are made for bonsai trees and glazed only on outside; the inside and bottom are left unglazed for breathability. The bottom has three legs to ensure maximum water drainage. 

They are Banko ware and made in Yokkaichi. Banko ware is known for donabe (earthenware pot), kyusu (Japanese teapot), and various types of bonsai pots. Because they are handmade, each pot is unique in color and finish.


  • Earthenware
  • D 3⅜" x H 2¾” (2⅜" bottom diameter)
  • Drainage hole 
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Morisun specializes in distributing Banko ware bonsai pots. 

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