Two bamboo incense cases: one with the lid closed and the other with the lid open and incense sticks coming out of the case.
5 bamboo incense cases standing to show the sizes: 2 small cases on the left, 2 medium cases in the middle and 1 large case on the right.
A medium bamboo incense case with a lid off and a black brass ball incense holder resting near the opening of the case.

Black Bamboo Incense Carrying Case

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These cases are handcrafted in Kyoto with black bamboo grown in Kyoto and over 100 years-old Akita sugi trees (Japanese red cedar). The shape of each piece is unique: some bamboo trunks are shaped in near-perfect cylinders, while others have naturally irregular vertical grooves. The caps are made of Akita sugi and snugly fit each particular shape of the openings.

The medium and large cases can also hold a brass ball incense holder along with incense sticks. The cases demonstrate the perfect marriage of simple natural materials and superb craftsmanship.


  • Black bamboo from Kyoto and sugi from Akita
  • Each piece is unique in color and shape
  • Small: approx. 7¼" ~ 7½" (L) x ¾" ~⅞" (D); holds approx. 30 incense sticks
  • Medium: approx. 7¾" ~ 8⅜" (L) x 1" ~ 1⅛" (D); holds approx. 50 sticks
  • Large: approx. 9" (L) x 1⅜" (D); holds approx. 90 sticks
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Nakai Hakkindo has been in business in Kyoto over 60 years dealing in watches, precious metals and local handicraft.