3 sizes of natural Noto hiba chopsticks resting on tin chopstick rests: (from top) child size chopsticks on a knot chopstick rest, regular size chopsticks on a chili pepper chopstick rest, cooking size chopsticks on a lotus chopstick rest.
Regular size natural Noto hiba chopsticks tied with colorful sanada himo: (from left) red, plum, blue (in package), beige, purple (in package).
A hand holding cooking size chopsticks.
A hand holding regular size chopsticks.
A hand holding child size chopsticks.
A map of Japan showing the location of the Noto Peninsula where natural Noto hiba chospticks are made.

Natural Noto Hiba Chopsticks

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Hiba is a conifer in the cypress family native to Japan. The light-colored tree has a mildly woody scent and is rich in hinokitiol, an anti-bacterial compound.

Natural Noto Hiba Chopsticks are made of hiba trees that are cut to thin out the forests in the Noto Peninsula. Thinning reduces overcrowding and promotes healthy forest growth. 

No chemicals or bleach are used in the manufacturing process in these natural chopsticks, and the surface is left untreated; no varnish, lacquer or oil has been applied. They hold food very securely, especially slippery foods such as tofu and noodles.

The chopsticks are decoratively tied with sanada himo, a tightly woven traditional Japanese cotton ribbon. The butterfly-shaped knots are modeled after the wrapping pattern of Japanese katana handles. 


  • Hiba (Taujopsis dolabrate) grown and processed in Ishikawa
  • Child size: 7" long; Regular size: 9⅜" long; Cooking size: 11⅝" long
  • Hand wash with water and dry naturally. Do not use dishwasher.
  • It is natural for the color to change slightly after repeated use
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

The Ishikawa Local Timber Revitalization Project is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2013 to promote the healthy and sustainable growth of local forests. They teamed up with the Kosumi Chopstick Studio, which produces chopsticks using old-fashioned machinery, to create Natural Noto Hiba Chopsticks.