3 sizes of kiri trivets: large one on top right, 2 medium ones on top center and bottom left, 2 small ones on top left and bottom right.
A ceramic cup with a splash pattern on a large kiri trivet, 2 medium kiri trivets on the left and a small trivet at center bottom. A ceramic tea cup with blue, ochre and green drops stands between the large and medium trivets.
Close up of a kiri trivet.

Kiri Trivet

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These trivets are made from kiri (paulownia), which has long been valued in Japan for its resistance to moisture, heat and warping. Kiri naturally has a hollow center: the small holes in the trivet are natural and the large ones are made by the artisan. 

Kiri craft in Kanazawa is distinctive because the surface of the product is blackened by burning. Burning makes the surface harder, the wood grain appear more prominent, and stains and scratches less visible. But most of all, it creates a warm, smooth, and beautiful surface. 

The kiri trivets are superb as holders of hot pots. As kiri has a very low conductivity of heat, the trivets will not become hot, and the table or counter will stay cool.

Please Note When Ordering

The shape and color of each piece is unique and no two pieces are alike. Other than specifying the size, you can tell us if you prefer a piece with a small or large hole. If you are really particular, we can send you images of a few pieces and you can make a choice from that group. Otherwise, let us pick a piece for you.


  • Material: Kiri grown in Japan
  • Size is approximate; thickness is 11/16" for all 3 sizes
  • Diameters: Large: 7¾" to 8¼"; Medium: 6⅛" to 6¼"" Small: 5" to 5⅛'
  • Color and grain pattern of each trivet may vary
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Founded in 1913, Iwamoto Kiyoshi Shōten is the only remaining workshop in Kanazawa that specializes in kiri craft. Now run by the younger generations, product lines have since been updated to be more in line with modern tastes.

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