All 4 colors of sake cups,
All 4 colors of sake cups looked from the above.
A hand holding a beige sake cup.
Light brown sake cup.
Green sake cup.
White sake cup.
Dark brown sake cup.
Green sake cup showing the bottom.

Saké Cup

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The rim of this cup is ever so slightly thinner than that of an average ceramic vessels, making it perfect for saké, which is served cold, at room temperature, or warm, but never hot. Though the difference in thickness is subtle, this rim makes it easier for one to discern and appreciate the delicate flavors of saké.

The cup is also ideal for serving yoghurt, ice cream and other beverages. The white  cups have a slightly rougher and more textured surface compared to the other variants.


  • Ceramic
  • 3¼" (W) x 2¾" (H)
  • Holds 4 fl oz 
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Bisque is based in Fukuoka and produces a wide variety of lifestyle goods. 

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