Guinimi sake cup.
A hand holding a guinomi sake cup.
Stacked guinomi sake cups on the left and another cup on the right showing the bottom.
Two guinomi sake cups showing inside and bottom.

Guinomi - Sake Cup

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Guinomi is a drinking vessel large enough to hold sake that can be drunk in a few gulps. "Gui" is onomatopoeia for gulping and "nomi" means drinking. 

These beautiful guinomi are made in a small seaside town in Kanazawa. The maker adds a little bit of beach sand to his clay, which results in a beautifully rustic texture. Each cup shows a unique glaze pattern that is reminiscent of light in the ocean or starry night sky. 


  • Ceramic
  • 2½” (D) x 2½” (H)
  • Color and shape of each guinomi may vary slightly 
  • Hand wash
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Since opening his workshop in 1997, Haruhiko Iwasaki has been creating simple and rustic-looking ceramics that showcase the natural beauty of the clay and glaze.

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