Close-up of ceramic tea cups with a pattern of blue, ochre and green drops.
A ceramic tea cup held in a hand.
A ceramic tea cup looked from above to show the pattern inside the cup.
Close-up of a ceramic tea cup with a blue, ochre and green drops pattern.
Ceramic tea cups looked from above to show the patterns inside the cups.

Ceramic Tea Cup - Blue, Ochre and Green Drops

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This sand-colored tea cup is shaped to comfortably fit in the hand and is decorated with drops of three earthy colors: lapis blue, ochre and mountain indigo, a grayish green color.

The shapes of the drops are unique for each cup, and together with the light crazing, give the cups a warm, rustic touch. Crazing is one of the most popular techniques used in Japanese pottery, and it gives ceramic ware a distinctive character.


  • Ceramic
  • 3½" (W) x 3½" (H)
  • Holds 8 oz 
  • Hand-wash. microwave use is not recommended.
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Tojiki Tonya is a collective of ceramic ware distributors in the Mino region. They work closely with the area's pottery manufactures to bring to the market high quality, well-designed, and affordable ceramic ware for everyday use.