Slim ceramic cups: natural on the left and black on the right.
A slim ceramic cup in natural held in a hand.
Stacked slim ceramic cups: black over natural.
Slim ceramic cups looked from above: natural on the left and black on the right.

Ceramic Cup - Slim

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These simple, slender cups can be used for tea, coffee, dipping sauces or condiments. They come in black and natural and have unglazed bases. The timeless design will match any dining or living room.

The cups are made in Toki city, located in the center of the Mino region, which has been making pottery since 7th century and is the largest pottery producing area in Japan.


  • Ceramic
  • 3¼" (W) x 3¼" (H)
  • Holds 6 fl oz 
  • Hand-wash. Use in microwave is not recommended.
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Tojiki Tonya is a collective of ceramic ware distributors in the Mino region. They work closely with the area's pottery manufactures to bring to the market high quality, well-designed, and affordable ceramic ware for everyday use.

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