Tin Flower Stand
Tin Flower Stand
Tin Flower Stand
Tin Flower Stand

Tin Flower Stand

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This flower stand is very pliable and can easily be molded by hand into various shapes to hold dry and fresh flowers within vessels. It is freestanding, so you can position flowers in particular orientations in different types of vessels. Tin helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the water, helping flowers last longer.


  • Tin
  • 3” x 1½” x ⅛" in package
  • After use, gently hand wash using a soft sponge and dish soap. Wipe off moisture thoroughly.
  • When it becomes dull, polish with metal polish cream, toothpaste or baking soda paste.
  • Made in Japan 

Who Makes It

Sumitani Saburō Shōten was founded in 1939 in Takaoka, where copper casting has been a major industry over 400 years. Using copper casting techniques, they create a wide variety of household and decorative items using iron, aluminum, tin and brass.

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