Komon tenugui in package: clover (left) and yuzu (right).
Komon tenugui in clover pattern folded in half.
Closeup of clover pattern.
Komon tenugui in yuzu pattern folded in half.
Closeup of yuzu pattern.
Full view of komon tenugui in mimasu pattern.

Komon Tenugui - Plant Patterns

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Tenugui are plain weave thin cotton cloths about 35" x 13" in size. They have been used for centuries in Japan for a variety of purposes.

Komon are traditional Japanese patterns originally developed for kimono. They are small, all-over patterns that can be geometric or depict objects found in nature and everyday life.

The edges of the tenugui are left raw; the fraying will stop after a few washes.


  • 100% cotton
  • 35" x 13” 
  • Machine wash cold with like colors, shape by hand and hang dry
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes it

Founded in Osaka in 1949, Miyamoto manufactures and markets a variety of tenugui and other traditional Japanese cotton accessories.