An NJK pencil sharpener No. 510c.
A fat cosmetic pencil (left) and regular cosmetic pencil sharpened by an NJK pencil sharpener No. 510c.

NJK Pencil Sharpener No. 510c (for cosmetic use)

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This pencil sharpener is specifically designed for cosmetic and color pencils with soft centers. With two holes for regular and thick pencils, you can always keep your favorite lip liners or eyebrow pencils at your desired sharpness. 

These sharpeners pack all the elements that define the best Japanese manufacturing practices: attention to detail, quality materials, superior design and functionality. 


  • 1 7/16” x 1” x ⅝” 
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Founded in 1933, Nakajima JuKyudo of Osaka is the last remaining maker in Japan specializing in handheld pencil sharpeners. All the parts (blades, screws and plastic bodies) are made in-house and each blade is engraved with two words: Japan and NJK.