A full lineup of daruma dolls: medium daruma on top row (from left) yellow, blue, red, green; small daruma on bottom row (from left) purple, red, green, pink, blue, yellow.
Daruma dolls looking at different directions: medium darum on top row (from left) yellow facing left, blue facing front, red facing back, green facing right. Small daruma on the bottom row (from left) purple facing right, red facing front, green facing back, pink facing left, blue facing front, yellow facing left.
Yellow daruma: medium on the left, small on the right.
Blue daruma: medium on the left, small on the right.
Green daruma: medium on the left, small on the right.
Red daruma: medium on the left, small on the right.
Small purple daruma on the left and small pink daruma on the right.

Daruma Doll

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Daruma dolls are traditional Japanese figurines said to be modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, and are believed to bring good luck to their owners. The daruma dolls' eyes are blank at first: the owner paints one eye while making a wish and fills the other eye when the wish is fulfilled.

They are made of a mixture of kiri (paulownia) sawdust and gluten-based glue. The unique material was developed when Kounosu thrived as a manufacturing center for kiri furniture chests. Toy making was conceived as a way to upcycle the large amounts of sawdust produced during furniture making.


  • Medium: 3¾" (H) x 3¾" (W) x 3½" (D); has a small bell inside body
  • Small: 2⅜" (H) x 2¼" (W)  x 2⅜"(D)
  • Each piece is handmade and measurements vary slightly
  • Made of kiri (paulownia) sawdust and gluten based glue
  • Red daruma has shiny finish all over the body
  • Blue, green and yellow daruma have shiny finish on the face and matte finish on the body
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes it

Tachiya has been handcrafting traditional Japanese dolls for over 150 years. 

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