Close-up of a cast iron dolphin paperweight.
A cast iron dolphin paperweight resting on pages of a Japanese children's book.
A cast iron dolphin paperweight looked from above.
A cast iron dolphin paperweight looked from below to show the bottom.

Cast Iron Paperweight - Dolphin

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This cast iron dolphin is both a functional paperweight and a decorative object. The simple shape expertly captures the motion of an animated dolphin. It is an excellent addition to your desk or bookshelf, and as it comes in a box, also perfect for a gift.


  • Cast iron
  • 4⅜"(L) x 1½"(W) x 1"(H)
  • The whitish spots on the surface are called "white rust", a common finishing technique to give the surface character
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Sumitani Saburō Shōten was founded in 1939 in Takaoka, where copper casting has been a major industry over 400 years. Using copper casting techniques, they create a wide variety of household and decorative items using iron, aluminum, tin and brass.

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