Close-up of a cast iron candle holder with handle.
A cast iron candle holder with a sumac wax Japanese candle (warosoku).
A cast iron candle holder with handle looked from the sideways to show the legs.
The bottom of the cast iron candle holder with handle to show the legs and the carved sign of the designer.
A cast iron candle holder with handle with a burning sumac wax Japanese candle (warosoku).
Candle holder with handle comes in a box with the artist's profile in English and Japanese.
A map of Japan showing the location of Takaoka where the cast iron candle holders with handle are made.

Cast Iron Candle Holder with Handle

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This is a cast iron candle holder specifically made for warōsoku (traditional Japanese candles). It securely holds all sizes of the warōsoku we offer.

The surface of the candle holder looks rough, but is actually smooth to the touch. The round handle makes it easy to carry. Two short legs and the handle create a space between the bottom of the candle holder and the surface it sits on to prevent overheating.


  • Cast iron
  • Designed by Tadahiro Baba
  • 3" x 3¾" x 1¼"
  • Made in Japan


Who Makes It


Sumitani Saburō Shōten was founded in 1939 in Takaoka, where copper casting has been a major industry over 400 years. Using copper casting techniques, they create a wide variety of household and decorative items using iron, aluminum, tin and brass.