Light bandanas - yokai cards pulled in the center and splayed: black (left) and beige (right).
Light bandanas - yokai cards folded and banded: beige (left) and black (right).
A light bandana - yokai cards in beige unfolded.
A light bandana - yokai cards in black unfolded.

Light Bandana - Yōkai Cards

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This bandana is covered with images of yōkai, supernatural monsters and spirits in Japanese folklore. Yōkai can take the forms of any living creatures, or even inanimate objects. Some of them look scary, but many look quite silly and friendly. Yōkai are not necessarily evil creatures; they have been feared but also revered and loved for many years in Japan. 


  • 100% cotton
  • 21⅝” x 22" after washing
  • Machine wash (laundry mesh bag recommended), shape by hand and line dry
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes it

Yamamoto Jin Shoten of Kyoto is a textile converter that has been in business since the 18th century. Combining tradition with modern taste, they produce apparel and small textile goods. The bandanas are dyed in Osaka and sewn in Kyoto and Osaka.