All 4 colors of karakusa bandana. Clockwise from top left: red, black, green, navy.
Shiba puppy with a green karakusa bandana tied around its neck.
Red karakusa bandana.
Navy karakusa bandana.
Green karakusa bandana.
Karakusa bandana in black.
All 4 colors of karakusa bandana. From top: navy, green, red, black.

Bandana - Karakusa

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Karakusa is a stylized arabesque pattern said to be originated in ancient Greece and introduced to Japan in the 8th century. The endlessly growing vines symbolize prosperity and longevity.

Use them as scarves (for yourself or for your dog), handkerchieves, or wrap your lunchbox; they are handy, versatile, and may possibly bring you good luck! 


  • 100% cotton
  • Approximately 20½” x 19¾” after washing 
  • Bandanas arrive starched and stiff. They will soften once washed
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Hosoya Shoten has been a distributor of apparel accessories in Tokyo since 1918 and offers a variety of Japanese-made bandanas.

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