All 13 colors of odamaki bracelets
Several silk kumihimo odamaki bracelets in various colors worn together.
Close up of 4 silk kumihimo odamaki bracelets: (clockwise from top right) light blue, dark pink, yellow, beet purple.
Close up of a beige silk kumihimo odamaki bracelet.
All 13 colors of odamaki bracelets with their color names
Front and back views of odamaki bracelet in package

Silk Kumihimo Odamaki Bracelet

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These bracelets are made of silk thread and braided using the kumihimo technique, which has been practiced for over a thousand years in Japan. Kumihimo creates functional as well as decorative braided cords.

These simple kumihimo cords have an odamaki, a small ball that symbolizes continuity and good luck. They are made in Kyoto using old braiding machines and finished by hand.

As the bracelet does not have any metal parts, it is suitable to wear for people allergic to metals. Wear one or several of these kumihimo bracelets on your wrist to accentuate any outfit.


  • 100% silk
  • Adjustable to fit up to about 8" wrist (bracelets can stretch a little bit)
  • Avoid contact with water; silk thread is not treated with water repellent 
  • Excessive friction against bracelets may cause fraying
  • Made in Kyoto

Who Makes It

Showen Kumihimo was founded in 1948 in Kyoto. From dying to plying and twisting, all the processes for preparing thread are done in-house. The thread is then braided into kumihimo and handcrafted into various accessories by artisans.