Closeup of a twin chick brooch.
10 fuki urushi twin chicks brooches.
2 fuki urushi twin chicks brooches displayed on a hand.
Close up of the back side of a fuki urushi twin chicks brooch.
Close up of the back side of a fuki urushi twin chicks brooch to show the mark of the artist in red urushi.
Twin chicks brooch in a box with a leaflet.

Fuki Urushi Twin Chicks Brooch

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This adorable brooch is made of Japanese magnolia and finished with urushi lacquer using a technique called fuki urushi. Urushi is a type of tree sap and has been used in Japan for over 9000 years as a finishing material for wooden objects.

Fuki urushi is a method that uses natural, colorless urushi; after urushi is applied on the wood surface, it is wiped off immediately and then dried. The process is repeated many times, resulting in a polished surface that highlights the patterns of the wood grain. The eyes and beaks of the chicks are rendered in colored urushi.

Simple, charming and lightweight, the brooch is a versatile piece that can match any outfit, from a tailored jacket to a cozy hand knit sweater.


  • Japanese magnolia and urushi lacquer
  • 2" (W) x 1½” (H)
  • Each piece is unique as it is made entirely by hand
  • Comes in a box
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Maiko Okuno is a Kanazawa based artist who creates urushi lacquer finished wooden tableware and decorative objects. Her works are marked with a letter M in red urushi.