• How Warosoku Are Made

    Posted on November 13 2017

    Warosoku (traditional Japanese candles) are made of 100% plant wax and not made in the mold. Here is a brief description of how the warosoku offerd at Ombrato are made. WAX...

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  • Kale with Beans and Sausage

    Posted on December 06 2016

    I now like beans. In Japan beans are mostly cooked with a lot of sugar and growing up, I didn't really care for the sweet beans. It is when I...

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  • Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork)

    Posted on November 22 2016

    I had some pork left from butajiru so I decided to make char siu.   First the meat was marinated in a mixture of shoyu, sake and brown sugar.  Tie...

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  • Butajiru Dinner

    Posted on November 19 2016

    I made butajiru today. Butajiru is a type of miso soup with pieces of pork and several kinds of root vegetables. I used carrot, gobo (burdock), daikon, taro and konjac. ...

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  • Radish Pickles

    Posted on November 16 2016

    I am into pickling these days. Today I went to a farmers market and bought a bunch of radishes.  Pickling is really easy. I first sprinkle some salt over cut...

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