Yuzu Kosho

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Yuzu kosho has a deep, concentrated yuzu flavor with a kick. It is an all-purpose condiment made from young green yuzu peel, green chili pepper and sea salt. Its origins lie in Kyushu, where it is a staple in the kitchen and used in everything from soup to stir-fry.  

Yuzu kosho works nicely with many foods, and pairs particularly well with olive oil. Try yuzu kosho in place of pepper when making pasta with garlic, olive oil and pepper.  Yuzu kosho adds citrusy aroma and umami to simple dishes and makes them quite satisfying. It also pairs well with grilled meat and seafood.  A little yuzu kosho will perk up any meal with its perfect combination of yuzu and chili pepper.


  • Ingredients: Yuzu, chili peppers, sea salt (all harvested in Kyushu)
  • Comes in a 1.4oz jar.
  • After opening, yuzu kosho is best kept in the freezer to retain freshness and color; it will not freeze solid.

Who Makes It

Tsue AP is located in Tsue region of Ohita in central Kyushu. Tsue region is one of the main yuzu-producing areas in Kyushu and said to be the birthplace of yuzu kosho. Tsue AP was created to promote local economy by processing and selling food products made from local produce. The letter A stands for agriculture and P for product. A small group of about 20 people carefully and lovingly prepare fresh fruits and vegetables to make the various sauces and condiments.

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