Yamane Meishi - Washi business cards

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Product Details

Yamane Meishi (meishi means business cards in Japanese) are beautiful washi business cards made in Tottori. The area, known as Inshu in old days, has been producing Inshu washi for over 1,000 years. 

Yamane Meishi take ink very well and are light yet sturdy with subtle fibers of kozo still visible. Kozo is a member of mulberry family and one of the plants to make washi. Kozo and other plants used as raw materials for washi have much longer fibers than wood pulp, resulting in supple and durable paper. With a warm touch of washi Yamane Meishi are perfect for your special business cards.


  • Made of kozo (broussonetia papyrifera, or paper mulberry)
  • 100 cards/box
  • 3½" x 2 3/16” (91mm x 55mm)
  • Made in Japan
Who Makes It

Daiinshu Seishi Kyogyo Kumiai is located in the heart of Inshu washi producing area in Tottori. They strive to create new products to expand the washi market while working hard to maintain the traditional washi making. In addition to various kinds of washi sheets, they produce stationery and wall paper.

Tottori was known as the last frontier of Starbucks in Japan. The chain finally opened there in 2015 and Daiinshu Seishi provided the beautiful washi to cover the store's wall. 

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