Porcelain Cup - Karakusa

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Product Details

This small cup is called soba choko, a vessel made specifically for dipping sauce for cold soba noodle. However, its simple shape makes it for much more than the dipping sauce. It can be used for a small serving of tea, coffee or other drinks, dips, condiments, nuts, or anything that you think fit. 

Each cup is hand painted with a lively intertwined vine pattern (karakusa), a classic motif used to decorate many everyday objects in Japan such as the bandanas


  • Porcelain
  • W 3¼" x H 2¾"
  • Holds 6 oz of drink
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Tojiki Tonya is a collective of ceramic ware distributors in the Mino region. They work closely with the area's pottery manufactures to bring to the market high quality, well-designed, and affordable ceramic ware for everyday use.

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