Close up of a bottle of NOTOHIBAKARA essential water.
A hand holding a bottle of NOTOHIBAKARA Essential Water.

NOTOHIBAKARA Essential Water - Distilled Hiba Water Disinfectant

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This is a 100% natural disinfectant spray made of distilled Noto hiba water. Hiba is a conifer native to Japan known for its antibacterial and deodorizing properties. The trees are widely planted in the Noto Peninsula, which juts out to the Sea of Japan.

NOTOHIBAKARA (literally means "from Noto hiba") Essential Water is the cooled vapor collected after hiba wood pieces are distilled by steam distillation method. The process yields two substances: essential oil and accumulated vapor called floral water. NOTOHIBAKARA Essential Water is the floral water, naturally enriched with hiba's disinfectant properties and subtly scented with woodsy essential oil.

Hiba tree pieces used to make NOTOHIBAKARA Essential Water are leftover hiba pieces after making building foundations. The pieces are chopped into about 1-inch size and distilled. After the distillation, they are crashed into smaller pieces for use as mulch, thus completing a perfect recycling process.

Spritz NOTOHIBAKARA Essential Water in rooms and on kitchen, bathroom and fabric surfaces to disinfect and deodorize. Its subtle, woody scent will refresh the air and calm the senses. 


  • Ingredients: distilled hiba water
  • 200ml (6.76 fl. oz.); approximately 600 sprays
  • The white tab under the trigger is a stopper. Slide it to unlock to spray.
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Kaga Mokuzai was founded in Kanazawa in 1900 as a lumber shop and has since evolved into a building materials company. The company strives to achieve a healthy, sustainable business model by producing less waste, recycling and contributing a robust growth of local forest.