3 bags of bubu arare: tricolor in the center and unsalted and lightly salted on either side.
Close-up of bubu arare on small white dishes: tricolor on top, unsalted and lightly salted on bottom.
A map of Japan showing the location of Kyoto where bubu arare is made.

Bubu Arare - Tiny Baked Rice Crackers 

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Bubu arare are tiny (about ⅛” in diameter) baked crackers made of glutinous rice. They are traditionally sprinkled over ochazuke, a dish of hot tea or dashi poured over cooked rice. In Kyoto the dish is affectionately called bubuzuke and the tiny rice crackers became known as bubu arare.

Bubu arare come in unsalted, lightly salted and tricolor. Made with 100% glutinous rice grown in Japan and nothing else, the unsalted bubu arare are packed with a surprising amount of nutty, toasted rice flavor. The tricolor arare have aonori (green seaweed flakes)-coated green pieces and lightly toasted white pieces mixed in to give a little color.


  • 2.5 oz resealable bag
  • Unsalted: rice grown in Japan
  • Lightly Salted: rice grown in Japan, salt
  • Tricolor: rice grown in Japan, salt, aonori (green seaweed), starch syrup (mizuame)
  • Product of Japan

Who Makes It

Narumiya was founded in Kyoto in 1923 and makes arare using a traditional method with rice harvested in Japan. They value the use of domestic ingredients and time-honored manufacturing processes in order to create the best tasting arare.