NJK Pencil Sharpener No. 508 (for cosmetic use)

$ 2.25


Product Details

This pencil sharpener is specifically developed for cosmetic and color pencils with soft center. With No. 508, your favorite lip liner or eyebrow pencil will always be sharpened to your desired sharpness. 

The little pencil sharpener packs all the elements that define the best Japanese manufacturing practice: attention to detail, quality materials, superior design and functionality. Insert a pencil in the sharpener and start sharpening; the pencil rotates smoothly and a shaving comes out as a long, continuous piece as apple peels. It is like a minuscule version of a very good Japanese knife. 

The sharpeners are made by the last remaining company in Japan specializing in manufacturing the small handheld pencil sharpeners. They make all the parts (blades, screws and plastic bodies) in-house. The third generation owner even personally examines the sharpness of the blades by running his finger over them. Their pride in their products is quietly shown in the engraving of two words (Japan and NJK) on the blades. Experience the joy of sharpening the pencils with these little pencil sharpeners.


  • 1⅛” x 11/16” x ½” 
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Nakajima Jukyudo is a pencil sharpener manufacture in Osaka. Founded in 1933, they are the last remaining maker in Japan specializing in handheld pencil sharpeners. Their sharpeners that do the amazing job are well know in Japan and in Europe.

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