Kaishi - Goldfish in a Bowl

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Product Details

Kaishi are small sheets of washi (Japanese decorative paper) originally tucked in the chest of kimono. Soft but sturdier than regular paper napkins, kaishi have been used in Japan for more than a thousand years as memo pads, small plates to place sweets on, tissues, coasters, blotting papers and money envelopes.

Today kaishi are mostly used in tea ceremonies, but people still appreciate them for their simple elegance and practicality. Kaishi by Ugyokusha are adorned with beautiful woodblock print designs and when used as cocktail napkins, they will certainly become a conversation starter.


  • 24 sheets per pack; each sheet is 5¾” x 6⅞”
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Ugyokusha (“House of Beautiful Rain”) is a woodblock print brand founded in 2006 by Emi Hoshi. Born in Tokyo and currently residing in a remote, mountainous region of Okayama, Emi first became fascinated by woodblock printing at the age of nine.

Her style is retro modern and often uses themes of nature and animals. Ugyokusha designs can be found in a variety of stationery products.

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