Handmade Washi Paper - 12 Assorted Sheets

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Product Details

These beautiful sheets of of washi paper are made by Mayumi Ishikawa in Futamata, a tiny town in Kanazawa known for producing washi since 8th century. The paper is made from the bark of kozo which is a type of mulberry. As the fiber of kozo is much longer than that of wood pulp, washi is stronger and longer lasting than regular western paper and has beautiful surface characteristics.

The paper takes ink very well and can be printed using a regular printer. The washi paper can be used for writing, blotting, craft, small gift wrap or any other imaginable ways. Please note that the images on the left are examples of washi paper in a packet. Actual packet you receive may contain papers of different colors or patterns.


  • Paper made of kozo grown in Japan and Thailand
  • Each packet contains 12 assorted sheets of hand made washi paper approximately 7¼” x 10¾” in size
  • Handcrafted in Japan

Who Makes It

Since setting up a workshop in Futamata more than 12 years ago, Mayumi Ishikawa has been making washi in the old fashioned way, doing everything herself and by hand. She is dedicated to spreading the beauty, functionality and versatility of washi to the people around the world.

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