Bamboo Ruler 竹ものさし

$ 8.00


Product Details

This is a classic Japanese ruler made of bamboo. It used to be the most prevalent type of ruler before plastic rulers and cheap foreign imports flooded the market. Now there is only one maker left in Japan that still produces the bamboo rulers. What is special about this maker is that they not only continue to manufacture many (about 200) different kinds of bamboo rulers, but use only domestically harvested bamboo as their material. 

It takes about 20 processes to manufacture the bamboo rulers; some of them are done by machines, but many require works by hand. Bamboo is an ideal material for a measuring device because of its durability and resistance to temperature and humidity. The second generation maker is proud to say that with good care his rulers will last for 100 years. 


  • Domestically harvested bamboo
  • In millimeters and centimeters
  • 11 13/16” x ⅞” (30cm x 2.2cm)
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes it

Okane Seisakusho is a small family owned workshop in Shiga that specializes in manufacturing bamboo rulers. Founded in 1948 it is the last remaining bamboo ruler maker in Japan. 

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