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Kikka Senkō Mosquito-Repelling Incense Mini

$ 23.00


Product Details

Kikka Senkō is all natural mosquito-repelling incense. As the name implies (kikka means chrysanthemum, and senkō is incense in Japanese), the coils contain powdered flowers of pyrethrum daisies, which have pyrethrins, natural compounds with insecticidal properties. The scent is a natural wood burning smell.

The difference between mass-manufactured mosquito coils and Kikka Senkō is not just the all natural materials, but the amount of the pyrethrins; it is kept at a level so that it works as mosquito repellent, not as mosquito killer as mass-produced mosquito coils. Because of this characteristic, Kikka Senkō is safe to use near children and pets.

Kikka Senkō can be used with wrought iron mosquito coil holders.


  • Pyrethrum daisies grown organically in Hokkaido and China, Japanese peppermint and white birch both grown in Hokkaido, powdered tabu (camphor tree), starch
  • No preservative or artificial coloring
  • Box contains 32 coils and 1 metal holder (4 packages of 8 coils)
  • Each coil is about 2¾" in diameter and burns approx. 3 hours
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Since 1977 Rinnesha has been producing and marketing organic and environmentally safe food and household products.

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