Tsubame Stainless Steel Enamel Mug

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Product Details

The black enamel mug is a part of the Tsubame Stainless Steel Enamelware collection developed by Glocal Standard Products of Yokohama in collaboration with a longstanding cutlery manufacturer in Tsubame, Niigata prefecture. The pieces in the collection are made by hand by experienced metal and enamel craftspeople. Each product is adorned with a small flying swallow in honor of Tsubame city, the place of manufacturing (tsubame in Japanese means swallow).

What separates the Tsubame Stainless Steel Enamelware from other enamelware is that stainless steel, instead of regular steel, is used as the base material. It takes an extra effort to produce stainless steel enamelware, as the components of both the metal and enamel must be tweaked to synchronize each other. Stainless steel does not require a rust preventive treatment as regular steel does, and enamel is sprayed on pieces as opposed to the pieces being dipped in enamel material. As a result, the Tsubame Stainless Steel Enamelware has a lightweight finish while maintaining all the benefits of enamelware. 

The rim of the mug is curled outward only very slightly, which makes drinking from the mug easy and smooth. Unlike regular enamel mugs, the handle is made flat without an inner seam. These characteristics give the Tsubame Stainless Steel Enamel mug a sleek and sophisticated look. Whether used outdoors or indoors, you will enjoy your drink more with the beautiful black enamel mug. 


  • Materials: stainless steel with enamel coating
  • 3½” (height) x 3¼” (diameter)
  • Campfire safe. Not microwavable.
  • Hand-wash recommended.
  • There may be slight variations in finish as each piece is made by hand.
  • Handcrafted in Japan.

Who Makes It

Glocal Standard Products was founded in 2011 to manufacture and market original furniture and lifestyle products designed on the principle of “consistent and open-minded”. 

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