Ceramic Cup - Rustic

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Product Details

These cups are simple, yet have lots of characters. The outside surface has many vertical lines and the unglazed bottom has rustic beauty. The charcoal cup has matte glaze which makes it rugged and modern at the same time. The natural cup looks ordinary, but dark brown spots occur randomly, making each cup one of a kind. 

Use them for tea, coffee or any other drink of your choice. Transfer your yogurt into them from a plastic container, and suddenly the mundane thing looks something special.

The cups are made in Toki city, the center of the Mino region which has been making pottery since 7th century and is the largest pottery producing area in Japan


  • Ceramic
  • D 3¾” x H 2⅝”
  • Holds 8oz of drink
  • Hand wash. Do not microwave
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Tojiki Tonya is a collective of ceramic ware distributors in the Mino region. They work closely with the area's pottery manufactures to bring to the market high quality, well-designed, and affordable ceramic ware for everyday use.

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