Fish Shaped Scrub Sponge

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Product Details

These fish shaped scrub sponges are not just cute, but really functional and sturdy. They produce good lather, reach hard-to-clean areas, are easy to hold, quick-drying and long-lasting. They even stand on their tails!

Each sponge is made of 3 layers: nylon scrub, urethane foam in the middle for retaining dish soap, and open cell urethane foam for making lots of soapsuds. The black fish has a heavy duty scrub with extra scrubbing particles.

The colorful fish shaped scrub sponges will make your kitchen brighter and doing the dishes a lot more fun.


  • Scrub sponge (nylon non-woven fabric, urethane foam, open cell urethane foam)
  • 5⅝” x 2⅝” x 1⅜”
  • Made in Japan 

Who Makes It

Marna was founded in 1872 as the first company to make Western-style clothing brushes in Japan. Over the years it expanded its product lines and has become one of the leading manufacturers of household products. Marna products are known for their whimsical, yet absolutely functional designs and use of bright colors. The company is now headed by a member of the fourth generation of the founding family. 

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