Recycled Polyester Jigsaw Puzzle Coasters (set of 6)

$ 30.00


Product Details

This is a set of 6 coasters in the shape of jigsaw puzzle pieces. When the pieces are put together they become a rectangle board about the size of the largest model of i-Pad and can be easily stored or hung by the hole. The pieces fit together so snugly that the rectangle board can even serve as a tray to carry lightweight items. 

The coasters are made of rigid felts of recycled polyester fibers that include plastic bottles. The material is almost industrial, but has a texture similar to wool felt and a warm feeling reminiscent of wood. It absorbs water so it's perfect for cold drinks. The coasters will suit any home or office and make your drink more enjoyable.


  • Material: rigid felts made of recycled polyester
  • 10⅝” x 7½” x ⅜” (when 6 pieces are put together)
  • Can be hand washed (takes about 8 to 10 hours to completely dry out)
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

The coaster sets are designed by Atsushi Nogimura and Satoshi Yoshikawa, and produced by feelt. feelt works with factories in Saitama and Shizuoka to create furniture and home decor products using rigid polyester felts. 

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