Incense - Kayuragi Collection かゆらぎ

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Product Details

Burning incense, like lighting a scented candle, not just fills a room with a fragrant air, but gives you a peace of mind. Here we present 6 kinds of incense sticks from the Kayuragi Collection made by a renowned incense maker, Nippon Kodo. 

The Kayuragi Collection offers classic scents like Aloeswood and Sandalwood as well as modern floral and fruity fragrances such as Jasmine and Pomegranate. They are packaged in cases with beautiful stripes reminiscent of old kimono patterns. The incense works even better when used with the Black Ball or Silver Cube Incense Holder and placed on the Incense Tray.

Aloeswood - Deep woody scent with a touch of floral. Sensual and romantic.

Rose - Feminine and sweet rose scent.

Jasmine - Light, warm and sweet scent of jasmine. 

Sandalwood - Earthy and lightly woody.

Pomegranate - Refreshing and fruity. 

Green Tea - Calming smell of freshly made green tea. Light, green note             


  • Light wooden box contains 40 incense sticks and a small square incense holder
  • Each stick is 5⅝” long and burns approximately for 25 minutes
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes it

Nippon Kodo is one of the most renowned incense makers in Japan which traces its roots to 16th century. Today the company manufactures high quality incense products and distributes them around the world.

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