Canvas Pencil Case

$ 18.00


Product Details

This pencil case is simple, useful, and unique with a label of Japanese characters and an image of a sailing ship. The Japanese characters read Kobo (Studio) Onomichi Hanpu (canvas), and the sailing ship is to commemorate Onomichi's history as a thriving port of call. 

The cotton canvas fabric for the pencil case is made by the last remaining mill in Onomichi which has been producing the canvas using the same technique with the old-fashioned shuttle looms since 1939. Although it is a small mill, its production begins with carding the cotton fiber to make its own yarn, a rarity for textile mills which generally purchase pre-made yarn. 

The finished fabric is made into bags and other accessories by local artisans who work with Kobo (Studio) Onomichi Hanpu (canvas), an organization set up to create products using the canvas fabric made by the local mill.


  • Cotton canvas
  • 8¼" (L ) x 3⅜" (H ) x 2¼" (bottom width)
  • Care: spot clean with a brush or eraser; gentle hand wash with mild soap, dry naturally and shape by hand; never use washer or dryer
  • Made in Japan

Who Makes It

Kobo Onomichi Hanpu was conceived in 1999 after a group of local businesswomen took a tour of the last remaining local canvas mill in Onomichi, a coastal town about 50 miles east of Hiroshima. They were deeply moved by the sight of old-fashioned shuttle looms in action and decided to make use of the textile it produced. 

They pooled their money, purchased the fabric and started with one sewing machine at the corner of a dry cleaning shop to make bags and other canvas accessories. Over the years the operation grew, and it turned itself into a not-for-profit organization with a mission to revitalize the local economy through the sale of locally sourced and made canvas products.

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