Silk Kumihimo Double Wrap Bracelet

$ 36.00


Product Details

These bracelets are made of silk thread and braided using Japanese kumihimo technique. Kumihimo has been practiced over a thousand years in Japan and creates functional as well as decorative braided cords. The bracelets offered here employ two types of kumihimo techniques: brown, orange and blue bracelets are made in "China braid" style while beige and green ones are in "Edo braid" style. They are made in Kyoto by Showen kumihimo using old braiding machines and finished by hand of experienced artisans.

"China braid" uses finer threads and 16 bobbins for braiding, making the cords with smooth surface and a "square tube" appearance. Showen Kumihimo gives them an extra touch by tweaking the braiding so it twists naturally. "Edo braid" uses 8 bobbins and beautifully showcases a medley of colors. 

All bracelets are fastened with "odamaki", a small kumihimo ball. "Odamaki" does not show the beginning or ending of the thread, symbolizing continuity and good luck. As the bracelet does not have any metal parts, it is suitable to wear for the people allergic to metals. 

The bracelet can also be worn as a choker.


  • 100% silk
  • 14" long (can stretch a little bit); fits small to medium wrists
  • Comes in a box
  • Avoid contact with water; silk thread is not treated with water repellant 
  • Excessive friction against bracelets may cause fraying of the thread
  • Made in Kyoto

Who Makes It

Showen Kumihimo was founded in 1948 in Kyoto to manufacture kumihimo, a type of Japanese braid that was used in many objects in Japanese culture from armor to tea ceremony. In addition to making products for the traditional use, the company now makes various kuminimo items that fit the modern lifestyle.

From dying to plying and twisting, the thread is prepared in-house in Kyoto; then  it is woven into kumihimo using old-fashioned braiding machines. The antiquated machines require constant fine-tuning and must be attended by experienced kumihimo makers. Finished kumihimo is then handcrafted by artisans into various accessories. 

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